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I decided to let russian players recruit as well!
Now russian players who play cs2d can join our clan!
Views: 863 | Added by: HL2D | Date: 28.03.2009 | Comments (2)

Today i decided to change the clan tag!
The old one looked horrible so i decided to change the tag to
->HLS Team <-
Views: 825 | Added by: HL2D | Date: 28.03.2009 | Comments (2)

Good news i have installed a chat moduel so that you can chat with each other on the website! Have fun! hl2d.
Views: 710 | Added by: HL2D | Date: 28.03.2009 | Comments (0)

All the Guests are not allowed to view the forums anymore due to a strange bug i found!
Views: 729 | Added by: HL2D | Date: 26.03.2009 | Comments (0)

We need more people to join our clan! our it might freez! please ask more people to join!  Thanks hl2d.
Views: 760 | Added by: HL2D | Date: 20.03.2009 | Comments (0)

Hello members of Half Life 2D as you know i have been gone for a couple of days for an important meeting but now im back and i have good news! our moderator known as Gordon Freeman has uploaded the new version of zm_Prizon v6.2 so download now!
Views: 704 | Added by: HL2D | Date: 17.03.2009 | Comments (0)

I get the feeling that there are some cheaters in our clan!
That cheat while we play fair! i decided to open this and warn you about theme!
If you think that someone is a cheater in our clan please contact me or comment this main thread!

Thanks for reading!
Views: 845 | Added by: HL2D | Date: 09.03.2009 | Comments (4)

Hello again! We have another good mod for all you guyz! Yes thats right a new mod called Half-Life Decay the game where you can play local and single play controlling 2 charectors! Where you play as Dr.Gine and Dr.Green where they must escape with eli and all the rest scientists out of black mesa! I hope you like it!

Views: 765 | Added by: HL2D | Date: 08.03.2009 | Comments (1)

We have a great news for all of you half life players! We are editing Sweet Half Life mod to our website so you can play Sweet Half Life instead of a normal one! In Sweet Half Life not only you see Gordon Freeman in a HEV suit but instead you see scientits with HEV suits and weapons like RPG,M5p,Gauss gun,.357!
They help you! You can olso see Gman! and a new type of aliens from space soo get ready to Sweet Half Life!
Views: 760 | Added by: HL2D | Date: 08.03.2009 | Comments (2)

Many of you people have problem with languages and cant find the forum!
So i decided to open it on the main page! Please leave comments and posts!
Views: 621 | Added by: HL2D | Date: 07.03.2009 | Comments (0)

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